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Fringe 2011 Review: Who Loves You, Baby?

Posted by metaphorical on 16 August 2011

Who Loves You, Baby?

0h 50m
VENUE #13: Bowery Poetry Club
Performance seen: Sun 14 @ 7
Remaining performances: Fri 19 @ 10 Sun 28 @ 4:15

Rating: 9
(using the BroadwayWorld rating system of 10=effusive praise; 9=excellent; 7/8=positive with some reservations; 5/6=respectfully unenthused; 3/4=mostly negative; 2=little to recommend; 1=offended, insulted, angered)

Modern writers have the benefit and burden of decades and centuries of past culture. The modern style is to mine it relentlessly and the post-modern style is to do so self-consciously. The prior work then becomes subtext. That creates a further complication for the writer, because, after all, subtext must, from time to time, surface.

These self-conscious moments are thus fraught with risk, as the new work must lower the fourth wall that separates the stage from the audience even as it erects it—even as the theatrical experience depends on its continued existence. It helps, though, that the cabaret format has always had a low picket fence of a fourth wall.

So picture a one-hour 2011 nightclub act in which Savalas (Tom DiMenna, brilliantly) comes back to comment on the lack of Real Men in the years since his demise. (About one modern actor he says, “In my day you stuck a guy like that in a club sandwich to keep the bread from falling off.”) Picture him reprising the weirdly successful singing career most of us forgot (or never knew) he also enjoyed, and, of course, commenting as well on the pop singers of today (“Who are the Neil Sedakas of today?”).

Throw in some affectionate references to such friends as Peter Falk and Frank Sinatra. Add a hilarious first-person prologue (performed by Taylor Negron, who directs the show) about Savalas at the height of his cultural prowess feeding steak tartare to a kid he is babysitting. Add as well a few numbers in which Savalas calls his brother George to the stage to help him sing or dance. Wrap it all up in a solid 60 minutes of advice, sage and self-consciously absurd.

Such a show should have legs. But see one of its remaining Fringe performances. Why risk missing it, when right this week you can go see the man who loves you?

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3 Responses to “Fringe 2011 Review: Who Loves You, Baby?”

  1. Claire (Karen Landry) said

    Meta, I always enjoy your posts and your Blog in general. However as a prior member, I imagine I now have no ability to control personal notifications for this Blog. Can you help me with that?

  2. clairedeplume said

    I’ve spent a copious amount of time attempting to find the magic spot where I can stop email notifications arriving to my email address each time a comment is made on your Blog. So far, I have squandered time trying to find the sweet spot which will take away this pressing experience of too many WordPress emails. Not to mention I believe a glass of wine has now become a must when one would not have been dreamt of otherwise. After completing a few therapy sessions, I’ll return to read your Blog.

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