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Why do all the good movies come out in December?

Posted by metaphorical on 15 January 2011

If you have the impression that most of the good movies come out toward the end of the year, that feeling would be borne out by looking at the release dates of the 21 movies I listed last week as the top screenwriting candidates for 2010.

I suppose it’s just happenstance that a movie can come out in December, catch a few Golden Globe nominations (December 14th), hang on for a few more weeks, win a few (January 16th) and hang on long enough for the Academy Award nominations (January 25th) and awards (February 27th).

Below, the movies are listed in order of release date. Current availability is given in parentheses. As far as I can tell, Winter’s Bones hasn’t had a U.S. general release yet at all (only festivals). By the way, I saw three of these movies today, bringing me up to 12 of 21.

Shutter Island
February 19, 2010 (Netflix Instant)

The Ghost Writer
February 19, 2010 (Netflix DVD)

Toy Story 3
June 18, 2010 (digital rental)

The Kids Are All Right
July 9, 2010 (digital rental)

July 16, 2010 (Netflix DVD)

Get Low
July 30, 2010 (not available)

Never Let Me Go
September 15, 2010 (not available, 2/1/11 digital rental)

The Town
September 17, 2010 (Netflix DVD)

September 24, 2010 (digital download)

The Social Network
October 1, 2010 (digital purchase 9/30/10, still at 11 theatres in NY metro area)

October 15, 2010 (DVD)

127 Hours
November 5, 2010 (2 theatres in Manhattan)

Love & Other Drugs
November 24, 2010 (3 theatres in Manhattan)

The King’s Speech
November 26, 2010 (many nyc theatres)

Black Swan
December 3, 2010 (wide release)

The Fighter
December 10, 2010 (wide release)

Rabbit Hole
December 17, 2010 (9 theatres in NY metro area)

True Grit
December 22, 2010 (wide release)

December 22, 2010 (11 theatres in NY metro area)

Another Year
December 29, 2010 (2 theatres in Manhattan)

Winter’s Bones
17 September 2010 (UK only?)

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