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The Devil, Miss Jones, and Tony Zirkle

Posted by metaphorical on 30 April 2008

When asked if he was a Nazi or sympathized with Nazis or white supremacists, Zirkle replied he didn’t know enough about the group to either favor it or oppose it. — The (Michigan City, Ind.) News-Dispatch, 22 April 2008

Yes, it’s 2008, and a Congressional candidate in a Republican primary doesn’t whether he’s for or against the American Nazi movement. Sure, it’s in Indiana, birthplace of the Klu Klux Klan, but still. It’s 2008, and a Congressional candidate in a Republican primary doesn’t whether he’s for or against Nazism.

Here’s what he does know:

“This is just a great opportunity for me to witness,” he said, referring to his message and his Christian belief.

The candidate is Tony Zirkle, a former county prosecutor. And yes, he did accept a speaking invitation from an American Nazi group. The occasion? Hitler’s birthday. You might think he just didn’t know that, but then there’s that picture of him speaking at a podium right underneath a giant picture of…. Adolf Hitler.

Tony Zirkle speaking at Hitler\'s birthday party

But maybe he didn’t recognize Hitler’s characteristic moustache. Or the swastika further down the wall. Or the swastika armbands that everyone was wearing. But then it turns out there was a cake decorated with yet another picture of Hitler and the phrase “Seig Heil.”

It actually gets worse.

Last week, when he talked to the News-Dispatch, Zirkle wasn’t sure he agreed with the Nazis. But now it seems like he does. Here’s something pulled off Zirkle’s website. I’ve added a paragraph break, to make it easier to read, but left it otherwise as is, including typos.

Last week, MSNBC’s Keith Olberman on his Countdown show called me the world’s 2nd worst person after Bill O’Reilly and ahead of John McCain. What cracks me up is that he showed the picture of me presenting the Gospel book, “The Desire of Ages” to the National Socialists. You know that America and its liberal dominated media have become morally bankrupt when you are called the second worst person in the world for trying to present Jesus to a group the media claims is filled with hate. So, let me get this straight. The liberal media believes that evangelizing Nazis is more evil than suicide bombers, child rapists, drug dealers, murders, torturers and yes even porn-pimps.

Maybe those national socialists have a point that WWII was really about liberalism and communism dominating the world and that it was an assault on Christian civilization. Was the bipolar Churchhill possibly deceived? Was America? Didn’t General Patton say that we should have been fighting the Russian communists instead? How many people died after WWII because of the new communist threat that Patton said we should not have tolerated. On the other hand, communism gave us Russian brides and capitalism gave us porn stars. Oh, that’s tmi (too much info). Maybe asking these qustions will get me ranked #1.

So in the space of a few days, Zirkle goes from not even knowing that National Socialism and Nazism are the same thing, to sophisticated revisionist histories of Yalta and the Cold War. And goes from not being sure who he agrees with to offering 23 links, right on his campaign’s front page, proving the connection between “Jews and porn-prostitution,” including such authoritative sources as David Duke.

The door having been opened by the News-Dispatch, the rest of the press is putting on a full-court press. A hard-hitting report from, of all places, Foxnews, notes that

Zirkle, who is seeking the GOP nomination for the state’s 2nd Congressional District, believes — among other things — that whites are victims of a “genocide,” that the races should be segregated into different states and that pornography is a Jewish plot against women.

Zinkle’s obsession with porn and prostitution dominate his campaign. And of course, that’s now a cliche for Republican politicians; we feel we know almost exactly what skeletons are in his closet.

What’s interesting is that Zinkle immediately runs for the protective cover of revisionism, no matter if it’s tissue-thin. We see this time and again from politicians, especially, it seems, Republicans.

Want to oppose climate change? Find the handful of scientists who doubt the science, even if each and every one of them is bought and paid for by industries that would be adversely affected (or think they would be) and their “studies” are never published in peer-reviewed journals. Want to oppose evolution? Find the handful of scientists who doubt the science, even if each and every one of them is a religous nutcase who can’t get published in peer-reviewed journals. Want to lower taxes?

The Indiana Republican party leadership has repudiated Zinkle, but Foxnews noted that

Zirkle captured 30 percent of the Republican primary vote in 2006, when he ran against an incumbent who went on to lose to a Democrat (Joe Donnelly) in November. With three candidates but no incumbent in Tuesday’s Republican primary, some wonder if Zirkle will perform better this time around.

Thirty percent would be scary enough. But then, Indiana is a pretty scary place, if you don’t happen to believe in what my cousin likes to call the International Jewish Communist Banker’s Conspiracy theory.

5 Responses to “The Devil, Miss Jones, and Tony Zirkle”

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  2. Swanny said

    Klan weren’t born in no damn In-die-anny, boy.

  3. ClaireDePlume said


    From what I understand, The Klan were born in the south shortly after “the war” (and I don’t mean WWWl or WWll). Wikipedia has an interesting bio on the origins and history of the Klan, however this differs from the story I once heard from a Southerner. As the story goes, it was a function of the Klan to keep social order, and this encompassed not only racial social order, but white domestic order too. Interestingly, one of the objectives of the the Klan was to behave as a governing body over marital fidelity, as well as to “control” the incidences of wife beatings too, all of this for the benefit of white boys. While I cannot say unequivocally that this is so, if the Klan once fancied themselves as protectors of the white race, it was in their best interest to ensure propagation of the white race by keeping wayward spouses in line. How interesting this was much like most religions have attempted to do so for centuries. The only difference here being that (their) god was a wizard who wore both white robes AND a white hat.

  4. northwind said

    I have been at much larger Birthday parties for the Fuhrer. Big Deal, I would rather parties were allowed a voice in the political process than throwing bombs at each other. Do you honestly think your going to have to goosestep to the post office ?

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