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Multicar Pileup As Snowstorm Hits Plains

Posted by metaphorical on 23 December 2007

DATELINE | CITY, PLAINS_STATE. — A strong snowstorm that cut visibility nearly to zero in some places as it rolled across the Plains on Saturday caused numerous vehicle pileups and forced authorities to close portions of several major highways.

Dozens of vehicles were involved in a pileup on Interstate NN in [western|eastern] PLAINS_STATE, authorities said. Sections of some NEIGHBORING_STATE_1 highways were closed because of whiteout conditions. Local authorities said it was the worst snowstorm in X years.

The PLAINS_STATE State Highway Patrol said preliminary reports indicated NUMBER to 2x_NUMBER vehicles, including NUMBER tractor-trailer rigs, were involved in the early afternoon chain-reaction wreck on Interstate NN [at|near] CITY.

Multiple ambulances were sent to the scene but there was no immediate indication how many people were injured or if there were any fatalities. HOSPITAL_NAME in CITY said it was treating several people from the accident though none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening.

The Patrol closed about 100 miles of I-NN from CITY2 to the NEIGHBORING_STATE_1 state line. The storm blew locally heavy snow across NEIGHBORING_STATE_2, [eastern|western] NEIGHBORING_STATE_3 and parts of NEIGHBORING_STATE_4 and NEIGHBORING_STATE_5.

In NEIGHBORING_STATE_1, Highway NN near TOWN was closed because NN to NN+10 cars had slid off the road or had been involved in collisions, authorities said.

By early afternoon, the storm had dropped N inches of snow in the CITY area, said National Weather Service meteorologist NWS_SPOKESPERSON_NAME. Accumulations of up to N+M inches were possible.


In [CURRENT_YEAR – X] a severe snowstorm claimed Y lives. Mayor MAYOR_NAME noted that OPTIMISTIC_COMPARISON_GOES HERE.

[Inspired by a recent AP report here .]

2 Responses to “Multicar Pileup As Snowstorm Hits Plains”

  1. Where’s the human interest, man?

    Traveler RANDOM_PERSON said, “I was out on the road, and like, gosh, N feet of snow! I said to RANDOM_PERSON2, I said, `Look, RANDOM_PERSON2,’ N*2 feet of snow!’ Global warming my foot! No way I’m making it to CITY_OF_PEOPLE_WITH_UNEXAMINED_LIVES in time for SOLSTICE_RELATED_EVENT. I just hope my COMPANION_ANIMAL_SPECIES doesn’t DISGUSTING_BIOLOGICAL_THING on my FABRIC_ARTIFACT.”

  2. digglahhh said

    Yes! Mad Libs!

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