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Open season on idiots – at least in blogs

Posted by metaphorical on 25 November 2007

I don’t know how he hit a several-thousand-pound cow mistaking it for a coyote. — Rory Heckman, Benzie County undersheriff, UPI

According to the Traverse City Record-Eagle, which broke the story,

Richard Buckner, 42, allegedly downed a neighbor’s pregnant, 1,400-pound breeding cow on Nov. 17 at about 8:30 a.m.

Buckner allegedly told sheriff’s officials he was poaching coyotes in the woods near his home on Wooden Bridge Road when he shot what he believed to be a coyote, Benzie Undersheriff Rory Heckman said.

The cow, named Hannah, wandered away from a nearby farm before Buckner shot the pregnant bovine and attempted to drag it to his home, said DeAnn Mosher, Hannah’s owner.

“That is the part of his story he his holding to is he shot at a coyote. I don’t know how he hit a several thousand pound cow mistaking it for a coyote,” Heckman said. “You can’t even shoot at a coyote during the firearm deer season.”

Hunting is a sport that connects us with some of the most fundamental facts about being human. It needs no defense in principle. The problems with it have to with finding a place for it in an increasingly urbanized culture. Hunting today, in many parts of the U.S., is about as natural as a golf course.

People without the proper skills or ethics can stand side by side with those who do, indistinguishable from them, until they go off and shoot a cow — or a coyote, equally off-limits and only marginally less stupid during the deer hunting season. If I were a hunter I would wish, if only for a fleeting moment, that we could have an open season on Buckner and the other idiots who make hunting problematic for responsible hunters and for everyone else.

6 Responses to “Open season on idiots – at least in blogs”

  1. ClaireDePlume said

    Even without a gun, those who respect nothing will always be a danger. It’s difficult to live in a world where the bar keeps dropping so low, we need to build tunnels to accommodate our more feeble minded.

    All I an offer is that the thinning of the gene pool will dry up adequately so as to protect us all from drowning in stupidity…

  2. we could have an open season on Heckman

    Just to clarify, the idiot-hunter was named Buckner. Heckman was the sherrif.

  3. digglahhh said

    Cow – Coyote, Iraq, Afghanistan – Iraq, to-may-too – to-mah-toe, responsible hunter – jumbo shrimp.

    “Responsible hunting” really only exists in cases in which the word “responsible” can be accurately replaced with “necessary.”

  4. TR said

    Hannah might have survived had Dick’s paternal uncle, Bill, been doing the shooting.

  5. TR said

    I really should brush up on my Descartes, Bentham, and Carlin, before I finally decide whether ‘animal rights’ falls in the same linguistic category as ‘jumbo shrimp’.

    Do animals have rights? Naturally I think they do. Still, I would strongly oppose voting rights for any non-mammals. After all, look what that whole butterfly ballot fiasco got us.

  6. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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