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Posted by metaphorical on 17 August 2007

“Not only is it the 11th hour, but it’s 11:59”
— the documentary The 11th Hour

The movie The 11th Hour is opening this weekend. Although I had a couple of negative things to say about it in a review I wrote at my magazine, overall, I can only recommend in the strongest terms that you go see it.

Time’s Up?

A new documentary considers humanity’s dubious future

The movie starts where An Inconvenient Truth leaves off, that is, by assuming the truth of global warming and human responsibility for at least a large share of it. After reviewing the 200-year-old Industrial Revolution’s buildup of greenhouse gases, the movie moves on to other assaults on the environment: the destruction of rain forests and resulting deserts and drought; water pollution and overfishing of the oceans; corporate free riding on the externalities of pollutions of all kinds; and the consumer culture by which we vote with our pocketbooks to continue to trash the world instead of restoring it. These are long-established concerns but packaged in vivid new ways. “Logging in Canada,” the film offers by way of example, “puts as much carbon into the atmosphere as all of the cars in California every year.”  more

MoveOn is promoting the film, and a trailer (which is also also below) and more information can be found at the movie’s website. (Unfortunately, the movie site doesn’t have a theatre locator, instead you have to sign up for SMS and e-mail updates. Instead, just use a regular locator, such as Moviefone’s, here.)

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