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Update: Antioch faculty sue

Posted by metaphorical on 15 August 2007

Antioch faculty members sue to stop school’s closing

Wednesday, August 15, 2007
YELLOW SPRINGS — — Faculty at Antioch College filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the Antioch University Board of Trustees, seeking to prevent it from closing the college in July 2008.

The lawsuit alleges the board violated several contractual obligations to the faculty in its June 9 decision to temporarily close the college, including shutting it out of institutional decision making.

Antioch officials first announced the closing of the Yellow Springs, Ohio, college two months ago. (Links, details, and a little bit of history are in my “Farewell Antioch” post at the time. There are also a number of truly first-rate comments there.) The announcement of the lawsuit was made in a faculty news release that doesn’t seem to be online.

A story by WTOL-TV, in Toledo, says specifically that:

Faculty members say trustees violated their contract by shutting professors out of institutional decision making.

You might wonder what chance there is of a good outcome. But it seems there are enough people who care, especially among the faculty and alumni, to provide the human and financial power needed to right the capsized Antioch ship. A court could also pry money out of the other Antioch institutions, reversing the flow that created them in the first place. On a scale of 1-10, I would rank the chances as “hopeful.”

What would be the best outcome? Antioch stays open, governed by people who care about it enough to ensure that it stays open, educates its students in a way consistent with its 150-year-old history and values, and continues to win victories for humanity.

One Response to “Update: Antioch faculty sue”

  1. jean gregorek said

    thanks for the interest and support! you can find our entire press release at antiochians.org; “inside higher ed” has also had good coverage of antioch’s fight to stay alive.

    jean gregorek
    associate professor of literature
    antioch college

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