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Posted by metaphorical on 5 July 2007

I’ve been on a little hiatus, a 5-day weekend spent mostly rock climbing in the Adirondacks. Before heading out though, I picked up the greatest artifact in human history since the lightbulb, and finally, today, blogged at work about taking the iPhone to that land of trout streams, mountains, meadows, and minimal cellular coverage.

One of our interns and I spent Friday afternoon waiting together on line at the Times Square AT&T store, customers #13 and #14. His terrific blog entry, describing his day, is here. If you don’t read my entry, at least read his.

3 Responses to “Wirelessless”

  1. From your IEEE blog post:

    [My new phone] number was awful. It was so bad I’m not even going to list it here, except the area code, 646, with its ugly and unlucky 4 right in the middle. There were other 4s, and no 8s. Awful. And very unlucky.”

    What the hell are you babbling about?

  2. digglahhh said

    Anbody ever hear the old Paul Reiser stand-up bit when he starts complaining about moving and getting a new phone number?

    No straights, no pairs… This is terrible, nobody’s ever gonna call us. We gotta move again, let’s go – before we unpack.

    I’ve heard Meta talk about phone numbers many times before.

    I do have to say that there is something for muscle memory. I know that I’ve been asked for somebody’s phone number in the past, and not been able to recall it consciously, but if I whipped out a phone I was able to dial it.

  3. alice said

    When I moved time before last, my phone number couldn’t transfer, as I was moving into a different set of exchanges. The first new number I was offered differed in one digit only from my boss’ number (hers ended in 8400 and I was offered a number in the same exchange ending in 8404). The second number offered was far preferable.

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