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Don’t shoot the nickel

Posted by metaphorical on 27 June 2007

Remember the National Lampoon magazine cover, “If You Don’t Buy This Magazine, We’ll Kill This Dog”? It was just mentioned in the NY Times as having been selected “the seventh greatest cover of the last 40 years” by the American Society of Magazine Editors.


I thought of it when I got this letter from UNICEF today.


Can you see the text on the envelope?

As little as a nickel could save a child’s life!

And can you see the clear outline of a nickel pushing through the envelope?

In other words, if you throw the letter out unopened, you’ll have thrown out a real U.S. five-cent piece. The nickel is being held hostage!

Naturally, I opened up the envelope and then (after photographing it) threw it out, the letter unread, because if they’re daring me to be that big an asshole, well, I’m up to the challenge. Naturally as well, UNICEF or the universe got its revenge. The nickel rolled out onto the floor and I have yet to find it.

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