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What do you read?

Posted by metaphorical on 25 May 2007

A thread on a mailing list generated a good discussion (thanks, Esther, for starting it), so I thought I’d get it started here as well. It’s based on a New York Review of Magazine (which I’d never heard of) questionaire.

1. How many print magazines do you subscribe to?

home, self: The New Yorker, Communications of the ACM (I’m a member), NY Times Magazine, NY Times Book Review (as part of the newspaper subscription), Climbing, Rock + Ice, Poets & Writers, Fourth Genre

home, other: New York magazine, EW, Newsweek, Prevention, Rolling Stone

work, self: a bunch of the free ones, eWeek, CIO, Information Week, etc.

work, access to: SciAm, Tech Review, Wired, Nature, the Economist, Chronicle of Higher Ed, etc.

2. What print or online magazines do you read regularly?

see above

3. What underappreciated magazine or Website do you think deserves a wider audience?

mine (IEEE Spectrum), FindLaw, the Onion, Financial Times, South China Morning Post

4. What print or online newspapers do you read regularly?

print: NY Times

online: none. very irregularly: WashPost, WSJ, LA Times, Mercury-News

5. What Websites do you consider essential reading?

I read a bunch of blogs regularly, but they’re mostly my friends; Google News, the feeds I’ve set up for my.yahoo. I still get most of my breaking news from mailing lists and other e-mail. Bruce Schneier’s blog is pretty essential, however.

6. What book(s) are you reading now?

Panasonic; Best Words, Best Order; The Goldfish Went On Vacation

7. What was the last great book you read?

American Bloomsbury, by Susan Cheever

8. What author or writer has the best Website/blog?

besides myself?!

So what do you read?

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