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leap year orchid

Posted by metaphorical on 11 May 2007

This is another spam subject-line poem. (The last, and first, one was is here.) Once gain, the rules are as follows. The subject lines are unedited except minimally for punctuation and capitalization. This time, I tried not to even edit punctuation.

The day you feel fine comes soon

The day you feel fine comes soon
you of number
affirmation preeminence
tumble within
did you know
did you see
As shibboleth do ceremony

With quail each unbidden
dry obliging scrubland
what doeth them and the navy of gray hairs of the king even
blue vastly
be outworn
manufacturer of the tents

Even the night’s dour note
which must characterize a nation riding modern technology
you pyramid
do standard
as tonight
do writings
on discretion
do be destiny
by thin
with context
should sit down to reign lifted up their own heart, after the land

Is nocturne so castigate
leap year orchid
without even mentioning
shall drink therein.
this kind think
as meant

Replacing parts is easy
quid pro quo evenings
cannery goose
picnic inferno
maze entrapment
grammar plated
do no noun
in the cadaver
in the mills
is by reflection
is it causation

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