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The Web’s most valuable search tool

Posted by metaphorical on 15 March 2007




6 Responses to “The Web’s most valuable search tool”

  1. The Web’s most valuable search tool

    The Web’s most valuable search tool

  2. ptomblin said

    Useless! I searched for “shifters” and “upgrade” and neither of them could find my favourite one

  3. Hey, not entirely useless at all! Athough I admit I couldn’t find my favorite one, where Calvin’s dad explains TVs were always color, but that the world was black-and-white until the 60s.

  4. Great! To bad it couldn’t some secret stashed away explanation of the “noodle incident”…

  5. Blue Athena said

    Strangely, I could find the one where the father tells Calvin the earth is colder in winter because the earth is farther from the sun (search “orbit”), but not the corrected version that appeared in Yukon Ho! I guess these are strictly the newspaper releases.

  6. It’s definitely not perfect, but it’s better than pawing through the oversized complete works (yes I own it).

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