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Oscar forecast: 51 percent chance of Sunshine?

Posted by metaphorical on 25 February 2007

Since the mathematically illiterate editors at the NY Times didn’t see fit to publish a letter I sent them on Friday, I thought I’d post it here. It concerns this article.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Oscars, and congrats, Martin Scorsese. The Departed was a thoroughly mediocre movie, but so much of your great work has gone unrecognized, especially the brilliant Gangs of New York (10 nominations, no statues), that whatever you collect tonight is well deserved.

To the Editor:

In his Oscar handicapping (“Some Hints, Before You Dive Into The Oscar Pool”), David Carr goes with “Little Miss Sunshine” in the original screenplay category, saying it “has tons of admirers, including, we guess, a majority of Academy voters.” I agree with Mr. Carr’s pick but not his prediction – with four other strong contenders, the word wanted here is “plurality.”

4 Responses to “Oscar forecast: 51 percent chance of Sunshine?”

  1. ClaireDePlume said

    Marty did indeed win, and as a depearture from greater expectations, so did “Departed”.

    But the biggest sunshine was that on top of Jack’s head. Soooo… what happened to Jack’s hair?

  2. The entertainment websites are reporting that he did it to show his support for Britney Spears. I would think they’re being ironic, but that supposes a sophistication that I’ve never associated with E!, et al.

  3. ClaireDePlume said

    I would hope that Jack chooses his causes with more substance than with those of a formerly fluffy-haired but ever fluffy-brained flirt.

    Personally, I think he’s doing his best to maintain his bad-boy image. Perhaps he considers that his public does not identify as well with a sparsely gray-haired man as with the new appeal of his un-peeled grayness.

  4. I think it’s only a matter of time before Britney runs over a photographer and kills ’em. What happened to that sweet old Britney we used to know and love?

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