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A truly web-based birthday?

Posted by metaphorical on 21 January 2007

Here’s one at the intersection of language and technology, no politics involved. It’s a birthday cake, apparently decorated by MS Outlook or the like.


The backstory is here.

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The age of the Grand Canyon, again

Posted by metaphorical on 21 January 2007

An earlier post needs an addendum. On 30 December I wrote about the National Park Service and the Grand Canyon.

the Park Service continues to sell a religious-based, scientifically absurd book at its visitor centers, apparently at the insistence of fundamentalist political appointees back in Washington. So reports Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, “a national alliance of local state and federal resource professionals.”

The use of the word “apparently” was fortuitous. In fact, I used it twice and in each case, it represents the difference between regret and apology.

Moreover, the park service employees are apparently not permitted to tell park visitors the same things the official NPS website tells virtual ones.

Along comes Michael Shermer to contest both allegations, and more. Shermer, like me, called attention the report by PEER, in his case in the electronic edition of Skeptic magazine.

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