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Life in the Bell jar

Posted by metaphorical on 1 January 2007

Welcome to 2007, the seventh year of the Bush Justice Department and the Bush FCC.

AT&T, with its successive purchases of the old AT&T long distance company and now BellSouth, is apparently beyond the reach of government.

Gordon Cook is reporting that the head of the FCC has repudiated even the limited commitment that AT&T made to net neutrality, saying it won’t be enforced by the commission.

AT&T is by far the biggest telephone company in the U.S. It owns the largest cellular network—all of it, whereas the #2 next competitor, Verizon, only owns 55 percent of its network. AT&T has now reassembled well over half of the old AT&T phone monopoly.

AT&T—in concert with its nominal competitor, Verizon—is getting states to end their municipalities’ right to franchise non-broadcast video services, and they’re getting states and municipalities to restrain themselves from instituting publicly-owned Wi-Fi networks.

In short, AT&T is now big enough to do whatever it wants.


One Response to “Life in the Bell jar”

  1. They don’t care, they don’t have to, they’re the phone company.

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