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Trust the voters?

Posted by metaphorical on 28 December 2006

John Edwards is announcing his presidential candidacy today. The

does a good job of giving the key facts right in the headline:

“Edwards’s Theme: U.S. Poverty – Amid Iraq Talk, White House Hopeful Sticks to ’04 Issue in ’08 Run.”

For the roughly two dozen candidates considering a run for the White House, it is perhaps the jackpot question: What might be the winning message in a contest whose first nominating vote is still more than a year away?

 Today, former Sen. John Edwards begins testing his hunch that Americans, though focused now on the war in Iraq, can be won over to a campaign built on what he calls “the great moral issue of our time”—fighting poverty at home. He plans to do so with an unorthodox announcement of his candidacy, not standing on a flag-draped stage, but volunteering his labor in New Orleans’s Lower Ninth Ward, which is still struggling to recover from Hurricane Katrina.

Edwards’ challenge is getting people interested in economic issues in the Iraq Era.

To judge from a letter he sent to his 700,000-name mailing list yesterday, Edwards is going to talk about Katrina, the minimum wage, the high cost of college, and the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots. That kind of language is going to sound like it’s from another era—because it is.

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