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In the prime of life?

Posted by metaphorical on 18 December 2006

My cousin writes to congratulate me on being 17—for the third time. In gratitude, I offer him another way to be less than elated about one’s age.

My next prime number age is 53. The one after that is 59, a six-year gap, as was the gap between 47 and 53. The gap between successive prime number ages generally gets larger as we get older. (I’m doing this mostly in my head, so I might miscalculate) but there seem to be 4 two-year gaps before 40, and only 2 after that, all the way to 100. There are only 2 six-year gaps before 40, after that there are 4.

The hidden message is that anyone 53 should savor his last two days of it. That means you, cousin.

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