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Buggywhips and copyrights

Posted by metaphorical on 8 December 2006

Coincidentally, Francis McInerney of North River Ventures commented on a matter of music & copyright in his blog yesterday. Specifically, he takes one of the major record labels to task.

Universal Music is suing MySpace for allowing MySpace users to post videos from its artists on their spaces. Doing this, Universal has made one of the most elementary mistakes anyone can make: it is penalizing its customers for using its products.

McInerney is maybe the smartest guy I know at the intersection of finance and technology, and he gets it right here, as usual. NVR doesn’t have a great blogging system, so the link will likely become somewhat inaccurate soon, but the blog entry should stay on the left-hand menu for a while. Anyway, McInerney has this to say in general.

Trying to force copyright laws on people today is like telling them where to water their horses in Manhattan. We drive cars and the horse watering laws are moot. This is just common sense.


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  1. Thank you for this very gracious comment on my blog.

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