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God, grant Google virtue

Posted by metaphorical on 5 December 2006

The other day I mentioned paidpostingtools.com, and the seemingly growing market for people willing to “post to forums, blog, place comments on blogs and write custom articles” for small sums of money.

In that context, it’s worth pointing out some other growing areas of content fraud.

C|Net has a good story on the rigging of ratings on aggregation sites like Digg and del.icio.us

The big Digg rig

So-called social-media sites, which let users decide what’s newsworthy, are dealing with scammers trying to game their systems.

“Now, dubious Internet marketers are planting stories, paying people to promote items, and otherwise trying to manipulate rankings on Digg and other so-called social-media sites like Reddit and Delicious to drum up more links to their Web sites and thus more business, experts say.”

And then there’s the problem of click fraud. Wired worried about it back in January, and now BusinessWeek has an article about the Augustinian box Google is in, needing to combat it, yet reluctant to take certain steps, such as working with law enforcement. (Augustine famously prayed, “God, grant me chastity and continence, but not yet.”)

The Vanishing Click-Fraud Case

“Hundreds of thousands of advertisers that market on Google’s search engine also let Google distribute their ads to other Web sites. When an ad is clicked on a partner site, both Google and the Web site operator split the revenue and the advertiser is charged. If such a click is bogus, and gets through the search company’s filters, Google still profits, at least in the short run—leaving some in the industry suspicious of its efforts to combat fraud.”


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