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Waste not

Posted by metaphorical on 4 December 2006

This would make a good eHarmony question:

The following is


California professionals dine out of Dumpsters

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Cynthia Powell and Stephen Vajda are unabashed Dumpster divers who get much of their weekly food from garbage cans.

The two educated Berkeley, Calif., professionals – who are not hungry or otherwise in need – say they are motivated by a growing conservation movement with a mantra that wasting resources, especially food, is shameful. <etc.>

Of course, here in New York City, we have City Harvest. My own answer to the eHarmony question, by the way, is (c) both.


2 Responses to “Waste not”

  1. I’d be a lot happier if the California professors left the good dumpster stuff for people who needed it.

  2. Next time they dive in, just close the dumpster, seal it and bury it in Area 51. Problem solved. Christ, you commies make things so complicated.

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