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My peace I give unto you

Posted by metaphorical on 3 December 2006

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. John 14:27

Apparently this sentiment comes not from Jesus, but from Satan himself.

The Denver Post, 27 November: It all started last week in the upscale Loma Linda subdivision outside sleepy Pagosa Springs when Lisa Jensen and her husband, Bill Trimarco, hung a homemade wreath in the shape of a peace symbol on the side of their house. The president of the Loma Linda Homeowners Association went nuts.

The Progressive (descendant of Wisconsin senator Bob La Follette’s weekly magazine going back to 1909) notes: Bob Kearns, who was president of the association at the time, said, “Some people have kids in Iraq, and they are sensitive,” the Post reported, adding that he also said some viewed it as a sign of Satan.

And the Durango Herald adds: The peace sign has a lot of negativity associated with it,” he said. “It’s also an anti-Christ sign. That’s how it started.”


3 Responses to “My peace I give unto you”

  1. plm said

    Well, since it was invented in 1958 as a symbol for nuclear disarmament, the proponents of which were what Lenin used to call “useful idiots” I can see why there’s some confusion.

  2. Sure, such bastions of anti-Christianity as St Paul’s Cathedral.

    From Wikipedia:

    “From the outset people from all sections of society got involved. There were scientists, more aware than anyone else of the full extent of the dangers which nuclear weapons represented, along with religious leaders such as Canon John Collins of St Paul’s Cathedral, concerned to resist the moral evil which nuclear weapons represented.”

  3. plm said

    St. Paul’s has long been a bastion of anti-christian thought. Satanists, the lot of them.

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